Arctic Sedge Slider is an Arctic herbivore. They are massive organisms, bipeds standing 10m (33ft) tall and adapted to life in the cold, polar environments of their homeworld, Darwin IV. They are bipedal, dragging themselves along with their two front legs, while supporting themselves in the rear with a central skid. Their name originates from the furrows that their skids leave in their path. As a way to survive the cold, they utilize a specialized adaptation. Whenever the temperature drops or a fierce arctic storm approaches along the horizon, they can retract their head deep into their warm body cavity, only extending it again once conditions have become favorable once again. Their species is notable for having what may be the biggest sonar bulge of any fauna on Darwin IV. This massive organ produces sonar pings in, not one, but multiple frequencies. Also, as this bulge is situated on their back, it gives the species the ability to "see" in 360º, which makes it far more difficult for a would-be predator to catch one of their kind by surprise.