Beach Quills are tiny predators that hunt with a deadly poison.


Beach quills are among the smallest animals found on Darwin IV. Being that as it may, they often hunt in colonies to take down larger prey. Each quill has a deadly neurotoxin within itself that can kill in seconds. Also, a quill can 'jump' by using a muscular foot to propel itself short distances. They often hide in the ground, and then jump up to attack their prey. While they stab the other animal, they release the toxin in their skin.

In The MovieEdit

While studying plant life, Ike found a few trees standing alone. The trees then rose to reveal that it was actually a Groveback that had been asleep for years. Then, the Groveback started to fumble around, and accidentally stepped on a colony of beach quills. The groveback was then injected with Toxin, and became the Quills' next meal. This was witnessed entirely by Ike.



  • Eosapien (possibly)
  • Prismalope (possibly)