The Bladderhorn

Bladderhorns live high on Darwin IV's mountain ranges. Solitary and aggressive creatures, they wander the mountain passes and high plains, where they feed upon the sub-surface bulbs of alpine flora. They are highly territorial, and if one encounters another, they will perform an elaborate, ritualistic duel, which involves ramming heads and showing off their bioluminescent patches. These duels are sometimes considered somewhat comical.


Bladder-horns are very territorial and very aggressive bipedal animals. They are known to charge and headbutt trespassers. It has two bladders, one on each of its horns, hence the name, and is capable of running very fast. They expand their bladders with methane and expel it to make trumpeting noises, often accompanied by bioluminescent displays. This is used as both a mating call and as a warning to potential threats. When confronted by a predator, such as the skewer, bladderhorns prefer flight rather than fight.


Since they are (presumably) herbivores, Bladderhorns have predators including the...