Bladderhorns are obnoxious and suspicious animals of Darwin IV.


Bladderhorns are small animals of Darwin IV, and are extremely territorial. If another animal invades their territory, they will emit an eerie honk with bladder-like organs attatched to their antlers. Only the male species has been known, and it is assumed that they use their bio-luminescent bladders to fend off intruders and also to attract a mate. They live in the mountainous region of Darwin IV, usually in solitary if not with a mate.

In the MovieEdit

Bladderhorns were documented by both Ike and Leo, before the latters demise by the eosapiens. Leo was trying to give a bladderhorn the conceptuliazition test when it was scared off by something (the eosapien) and left Leo by himself. Then, Ike watched as two bladderhorns fought over some territory, but left after one succeeded.

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