A Daggerwrist on a plaque tree.

The Dagger-Wrist is a human sized treetop liquivore that only lives in the dwindling Pocket Forests. It has an interesting way of getting its prey: it uses its claw like forelimbs to bleed the sap out of the trees to lure Trunk-Suckers, its favorite prey, to its location.


The dagger-wrist is very social and often travels in bands. It communicates to each other with sonar pings, like bats and dolphins do on earth. They seem to carry their young with them. They have lateral membranes that stretch from the forelimbs down to the hindlimbs. However, despite this social structure, they are not above cannibalistic behavior.


Dagger-wrist's are 1.8m long quadrupeds, have long knife-like mandibles on it's arms which are used to kill trunk suckers. The Dagger-wrist then feeds on them with their detachable lower jaw. The Dagger-wrist also has the ability to glide between trees as well as the ability to climb trees easily. The Dagger-wrist also has spines on it's back with the purpose unclear, most likely for defense or decoration. The narrator says the Dagger-wrist looks much like a large dog or praying mantis.