Eosapiens are large carnivorOJ’s aliens, and the only sentient species ever discovered on Darwin IV, possessing intelligence similar to humanity's early hominid ancestors. They're the top predator on Darwin IV and typically live on the mountainous area of the planet, though like humans they may live in villages of some sort and may not care about the terrain they're living on.

They are the only known species on the planet with sufficient intelligence to communicate with the Von Braun’s Probes. These creatures are responsible for the destruction of the twin probes Probe Newton (Ike) and Probe Davinci (Leo).

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Eosapiens are floating creatures that are the only creatures on Darwin IV with human-like intelligence. Eosapiens are carnivorous animals, but like humans they may have an omnivorous diet. To fly, they use organic thrusters on its rear and a bag of methane on top of its head, with protrusions on each side of its head for stability. Eosapiens use tentacle-like digits, with sharp claws used to disembowel prey. Their air-sacs are fragile. They have 3 bladders, one on the head, and a pair on the back. Not even skewers can survive these carnivores, depending on the circumstances, and skewers are capable of turning the tables with their superior speed.


An Eosapien in "Expedition" by Wayne Barlowe

Other CharacteristicsEdit

Eosapiens use spears to hunt and can kill skewers with a single blow (and, like humans, Eosapiens may be so dependent on artificial weaponry that they may not know how to fight back while weaponless, especially if the Eosapien itself was being preyed upon by some random predator). Their ability to throw a spear with sufficient force to puncture skin that kills in one hit and lift a dead skewer suggests that they must have incredible strength. They also possess a high degree of intelligence comparable to that of Earth primates, as they have been observed using primitive tools.

The Movie

Since the beginning of Leo and Ike's mission, Eosapiens were observing them, but not letting the twin probes see them. While Leo was communicating with a Bladderhorn they kidnap him and puncture his balloon. They left Leo on a plateau until he launched a Camera Disk, which they considered a threat, and maybe finished him off. Later in the movie, they seem to have went looking for Ike as one found him over the Amoebic Sea travelling with Emperor sea striders, hiding behind the very same rock that Ike had used to anchor himself from a dust-storm, this same eosapian may have been trailing Ike all the way back into their territory. Ike also came across a shrine with Leo's now destroyed disk, and was later inadvertently saved by them from a skewer who attempted to make a meal out of the probe, they later dragged the now dead skewer to their possible village where Ike fallows and after they left Ike finds both the skewer and Leo, who was now completely dead. Eventually one eosapien shows itself, choosing a diplomatic approach and allows Ike to make contact with them, later being joined by another eosapian who was holding a spear. After confirming they possessed sentience by giving them a simple test, gave them the message of Earth and its inhabitants. The Eosapiens (now three in number) then began to conceptualize the maps, and Ike launched a camera disk to record the encounter from above. The Eosapiens once again took this as a threat, as two of them cornered Ike and the third launched itself up to destroy the camera disk. Ike was last seen being dragged off by all the Eosapiens, presumably to be destroyed.




  • The Eosapian had a cameo in the Shark-Week documentary Top 10 Sharkdown.