Balboa's damaged head at the crash site.

Probe Vasco Núñez de Balboa, otherwise known as Balboa, was the first probe to attempt to land on Darwin IV. Upon deployment, its entry vehicle's right fin failed to fully unfold. This was likely the cause of its destruction upon atmospheric entry. Surprisingly, much of the probe was relatively intact, but was completely destroyed. Eventually, the probes Isaac Newton and Leonardo da Vinci came upon the wreckage, of which enough survived to make out its face and color, which was Red. The surviving probes Ike and Leo had unique personalities, for example, Leo was programmed to take risks while Ike was safety conscious, Balboa either had its own unique personality or a balance between the two probes. It is speculated that Balboa was programmed to be the leading probe with more sophisticated decision making abilities, assisting the Von Braun's supercomputers. It is also speculated that the Balboa had another primary function, as Ike was directed to study life forms that resembled plants while Leo was directed to animal life, Balboa's primary function may have been a geological and weather surveyor for Darwin IV. The Darwin mission may have unfolded differently had Balboa survived atmospheric entry, and may have more extensively explored the planet.