Horus Probe Leonardo Davinci was the second probe launched in an attempt to land on Darwin IV, and the first to land. Like Probe Newton, he was sent to Darwin IV supplied with six Camera Disks, and a few Spider Probes. Leo was designed to be risk-taking, and to explore and study animal life.


Leo happens to be the first to land on Darwin IV, and the first to emerge from his shuttle. Noticing that Ike's descent to the surface of the planet is on track, Leo sends a situation report to the Von Braun. This news is then beamed to Earth.


Leo emerges from his landing craft.

Leo's first assignment is to examine and study a region of the surface studded by large, gourd-like structures. However, Leo must first inflate the large bag on his back in order to keep him aloft. Following this, he detects a disturbance in the upper ridges of the mountains, the likes of which he is not programmed to encounter yet. Leo then leaves the landing site, and tracks down Ike. -Will Be Continued-

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