ALien planet

The head peice of Probe Newton.

This pages has the three probes dispatched to Darwin IV for exploration of life. They have many pieces of equipment such as Spider Drones and Scout Disks.

Probe Features and EquipmentEdit

  • Sensor crammed "bird like" head mounted on moving arm.
  • flexible arms extending from a box attached to wing.
  • Wings to help adjust navigation of the probes.
  • Thrusters as primary form of movement.
  • Communication and radio to Orbiting satellite, Von Braun .
  • Sample collection containers.
  • Magnification lenses.
  • Hydrogen air bag for flight.
  • Computer brain with the knowledge of a toddler.
  • Tail for adjustments.

Space transportEdit

The Three probes each had a Space vehicle to protect them on entry, but they are not flawless as seen when Balboa's craft is exploded on entry. The other two landed safely but, very conventional and with no landing gear. The Space transport vehicles look much like today's space shuttles.

The Space transport vehicle in the sensors of Leo.

The ProbesEdit

There are three probes in total, two survived the entry, none survived the mission though. _____________________________________________________________________________________

  • Probe Davinci Status: destroyed   Color: blue    Function: Animal life    Cause of destruction: Eosapians
  • Probe Newton  Status: destroyed   Color: yellow  Function: Plant life   Cause of destruction: Eosapians
  • Probe Balboa  Status: destroyed   Color: red     Function: Unknown      Cause of destruction: Entry Explosion
  • Note: A.Probe Balboa could have been back up for the other probes, B.Probe Davinci was nicknamed Leo and Probe Newton was nicknamed Ike.