A littoralope, an Arrowtongue, and three Skewers

The Skewer is one of the top predators of Darwin IV. It has an immense wingspan of 50 feet.



A Pack of Skewers Closing in on a herd of Littoralopes!

Many of the creatures of Darwin IV, such as the Eosapian, use methane-filled gas chambers to achieve flight, but the Skewer combusts it in four jet engine-like tubes in its wings to reach speeds upwards of 166 547 MPH. It changes direction by angling its 50-foot wingspan.

They appear to spend their entire lives in the air, as their physiology does not show evidence of legs of any kind.


Skewer hzoom

The Skewer

The Skewer uses a hollow lance, located on the front of it's head, to kill it's prey. It captures it's prey by swooping up close to ground level and using their momentum to impale this prey with their lance before dropping it from a considerable height to ensure it is dead. A not too sharp tongue, known as a radula, bores through tough hides and allows the Skewer access to the prey's bodily fluids. It feeds primarily on Littoralopes.

Skewers appear to be pack hunters, which implies some level of intelligence. A close relative, the Follow-wing, often trails the skewer to feed off their kills.




◾Skewers are about the same size as the largest pterosaurs on Earth, like the Quetzalcoatlus, who has a 12 meter (39 foot) wingspan.