The Butchertree is a large tree-like creature that lures creatures (mainly Prismalopes) near it (instead of chasing it which is what most predators on Darwin IV
The Butchertree

The Butchertree

do) with small "plants" to look like the small unamed flyers (which is the primary diet of the Prismalope) that serve as the Butchertrees decoyes. The flyers have a strong relationship to the Butchertree and it is possible that the flyers are the second gender of the Butchertree. even though the its primary diet is the Prismalope the Butchertree will also eat any careless animal close enough for it kill so if you ever see one look out.


A Butchertree-flyer



The Butchertree has no known predators.


  • Although the Butchertree made a cameo in the movie Alien Planet it was never mentioned at all.
  • However it did show a picture in of a Butchertree in the background when they were talking about how on Darwin IV you could have a creature that's both a plant and an animal and they could have been meaning that the Butchertree was one of those creatures therefore talking about.
  • The Butchertree kills its prey by stabbing it with its limbs.